2015-02-15Version for iPhone is released

The new version of MobiTile, the cloud social platform of a new generation, was introduced a few days ago. The platform is implemented on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud basis. The MobiTileTM mobile app for iOS was released to present the capabilities of the service. Learn more.

2012-02-23Services MobiTile are available again.

The operation of all services MobiTile are waked-up.

2012-02-22Technical arrangements on hosting

Because of technical arrangements on hosting MobiTile, some services may be unavailable for a few hours. Sorry.

2010-09-14The connection to Twitter is restored

The connection to Twitter is restored via renewed program interface.

2010-09-02Twitter authentication issue

"August 31, 2010 Basic Auth has been deprecated. All applications must now use OAuth." (c) Twitter. ... we are working to fix this issue. Sorry for inconvenience!

2010-03-31Site is in a state of relocation.

The web-site is relocating to new hosting after a fire in previous data-center. Some services can be inaccessible temporarily. We are sorry.

2009-09-24MobiTile update 0.4.0 for Wozai.cc

Release of MobiTile 0.4.0 with support of Wozai - Twitter analogue in Chine. Support of national fonts, installed in user device, is added. Encryption of passwords for transmitting and storing in device is implemented. Bugs of 0.3.0 have been fixed - loss of Facebook session, etc.

2009-06-22Version 0.3.0 with support of FaceBook

Another update of MobiTile client is with support of social network FaceBook now. Version for S60 is Symbian signed.

2009-05-22Update 0.2.1 is released

Update 0.2.1 for mobile client is released. Bugs of navigation are fixed. Version for Windows Mobile devices with preinstalled Adobe Flash Player has been added.

2009-03-28The new design of Web-site together with new version of the client 0.2.0 are published.

New design and new content of Web-site are published, together with the new version of mobile client 0.2.0 with support of LiveJournal and Twitter.

2008-11-21The update of MobiTile LiveLournal v.0.1.7 is published.

The navigation is improved, the error of call of the favorite list is fixed.

2008-10-23The update of MobiTile LiveLournal v.0.1.6 is published.

The possibility of choosing the journal, where the user can post the events, is added in the v.0.1.6

2008-09-18The update of MobiTile LiveLournal v.0.1.5 is published.

Version 0.1.5 differs some improvements in part of user interface for devices with touch screens such as scrolling of texts and leafing of pages by direct dragging of content.

2008-09-05The version of MobiTile LiveJournal for touch screens has been realized.

The version 0.1.4 (/l/t) of MobiTile LiveJournal has been realized. The version supports a joystick and a control by stylus for touch screen devices.

2008-09-02The version of Flash Lite 2.0 application for LiveJournal is updated to 0.1.2.

There was added a possibility to manage the list of friends and some minor bugs were fixed.

2008-08-27We are started with a beta version of Flash Lite 2.0 application for LiveJournal!

Everybody can download and test the beta version of mobile application for popular social network LiveJournal. The version supports on the devices with preinstalled Adobe Flash Lite player 2.0 and greater.

2008-08-26The pilot version of the MobiTile.com WEB-site has been launched.

The latest version - 0.4.0

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