General regulations

1. Application MobiTile installs in phone by means of load and launch of file of installation.

2. Application MobiTile requires an installed Adobe Flash Lite 2.0 or greater player in the phone.

3. Before download, please, make sure that the type of your phone is present in the list of supported devices.

4. Clicking the button DOWNLOAD, You are confirming the consent with the provisions of  License Agreement.


Symbian S60 3rd, 5th Editions:  
Symbian S40:  
Windows Mobile:  
Windows Mobile [OTA]:  For devices from list (Adobe Distributable Player)
Adobe Flash Lite 2.0:  

NOTE: it's probably that the warning message about a content incompatibility will be occurred, during an installing the application in a phone with Symbian S60 5th Edition. Application MobiTile has been successfully tested and demonstrated its operability at least on one device with this kind OS - Nokia 5800 Express Music.

The latest version - 0.4.0

Direct installation

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